And The Winner is…

¡37 participantes en el sorteo!

37 of you participated in our workshop drawing!

Todos los mensajes recortados y doblados

So I cut it all up and put the stripes folded into a bowl

My marido ha sido la mano inocente

And then I called my husband and told him to grab into the bowl and take one of the papers

Abrió el papel frente a la cámara y…

And then I told him to open the folded paper and hold the name into the camera….

la ganadora es Dale Anne Potter! Enhorabuena. Contactaremos contigo para ver todos los detalles. Si no pudieras venir, dínoslo enseguida, para hacer un segundo sorteo.

So the winner is Dale Anne Potter! Congratulations to you!!!!! We will contact you and process the details ! If you can’t come let us know immediatley, so we draw a second winner .

Muchísimas gracias a todas por participar. Feliz día

Thank you all for playing along and have a gorgeous day!!!!



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